Wednesday, 8 January 2014


                  My name is Athika afreen. I am in class 1E1. I don't  know why I love to play badminton. i put badminton as my first choice and i am in badminton now.  I am very happy to be in this CCA. I and my team will make Chong Boon proud. I love red and blue colour the most. My favourite food is Mee siam.

           Something interesting about me is i want to be happy and make others happy like telling jokes and make funny friends all love it and there was one day when my best friend, Pooja haridas was crying as she failed her Hindi test. She was very scared that her mother will scold her. As a best friend I made funny faces to make her cool down but she was not still happy. Feeling petty I advised her and I bought her to the concealer and she felt better.

              I felt mush refiled that i could help my best friend.OH YA! I forgot to tell you about my life in my primary school. Honestly it was awesome only after the PSLE Exam. My teacher was very fierce during teaching lesson. She will always ask us to do a stack of worksheet. I really hated her but now i really miss her. I am very happy that I am going back to my primary school.I really expect my sec school to be very fun and good place to study.

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