Wednesday, 23 April 2014

International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day                                             
                            Hello everyone! I would like to share 
about what International Friendship Day is. It is a day to celebrated friendship. This day has been celebrated in many southern south America countries for many years, particularly in Paraguag, where the first World Friendship Day was proposed in 1958.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Movie Review

Movie Review

Movie: Frozen
                          I want to talk about the movie Frozen. Frozen is a very interesting movie about two sisters who were separated because of the elder sister, Elsa. Elsa had this power to make snow. I like the part where Elsa build her own castle with ice! She was that powerful.
                          I would not want to rewrite as the movie itself was awesome. I would never want to rewrite the story. 
If you have not watched oh my god you really have to watch it.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Struggles an how I over come it

Name: Athika Afreen

Class: 1E1      


         Hello! I am Athika and I would want to talk about my struggles and success.  I know that all of as have to go through many difficulty  as as national exams. Everyone is scared about national exams.  Even I am scared. I would like to share about  my experience from the starting of Primary Six.

             I was first very weak in my Maths, English and Science. I was so weak I at English, Math and Science that I only scored D or E or C for the subjects. My mother always scold me for getting bad marks. I will always shut the room door and cry my hearts out.

              My mom thinks that I don't study but I studied all I know but  I still kept on failing. Even though I fail I could see that I improve by at list four to five marks. I was not able to cope up at all in  my class. I would want the ground to open and swallow me when the teacher say out my name, to give out the exam papers.

                   One fine day, I was sitting in the school canteen alone crying. Then, my friend, Pooja, came to me  and told me that nothing is impossible and i can do it.  She thought me how to solve problem sums that I am not sure of . Pooja was  so engrossed in teaching me. I payed attention to her when ever she teach me. As a result I did quite well in my English and Math and Science I passed! I was very overjoyed! I thanked her a lot and I treated her like my sister. !
                If she was not there to help me I would not have been able to do well in the PSLE