Saturday, 12 April 2014

Struggles an how I over come it

Name: Athika Afreen

Class: 1E1      


         Hello! I am Athika and I would want to talk about my struggles and success.  I know that all of as have to go through many difficulty  as as national exams. Everyone is scared about national exams.  Even I am scared. I would like to share about  my experience from the starting of Primary Six.

             I was first very weak in my Maths, English and Science. I was so weak I at English, Math and Science that I only scored D or E or C for the subjects. My mother always scold me for getting bad marks. I will always shut the room door and cry my hearts out.

              My mom thinks that I don't study but I studied all I know but  I still kept on failing. Even though I fail I could see that I improve by at list four to five marks. I was not able to cope up at all in  my class. I would want the ground to open and swallow me when the teacher say out my name, to give out the exam papers.

                   One fine day, I was sitting in the school canteen alone crying. Then, my friend, Pooja, came to me  and told me that nothing is impossible and i can do it.  She thought me how to solve problem sums that I am not sure of . Pooja was  so engrossed in teaching me. I payed attention to her when ever she teach me. As a result I did quite well in my English and Math and Science I passed! I was very overjoyed! I thanked her a lot and I treated her like my sister. !
                If she was not there to help me I would not have been able to do well in the PSLE

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