Tuesday, 4 February 2014



         Hello! I am Athika and I would want to talk about my struggles and success. Everyone is scared about national exams. I am also scared and I am talking about PSLE which everyone knows.

             I was first very weak in my Maths, English and Science. I was very weak that I will only get D or E or C for the subjects. My mother always scold me for getting bad marks. 

              I studied all I know but I kept on failing. Even though I fail I could see that I improve by at list four to five marks. I was not able to cope up at all in class. I would want the ground to open and swallow me when the teacher say out my name.

                   One fine day, I was sitting in the school canteen alone.  Then, my friend, Pooja, came to me and explain and tell me that nothing is impossible and i can do it. I followed exactly what she told me and i managed to get B for English, C for Maths, C for Science and A for Tamil. 

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