Tuesday, 4 February 2014

DRAFT 3 The story of a key chain

               DRAFT  3      The story of a key chain
                   Hi everyone ! I would like to tell you about my life but before that  let me introduce about myself. I am something which everyone use to hang on their bag. Do you still don't know me? I am a key chain.Do you know how I look like? I am made of a shiny chain and a pink butterfly shaped base with blue floured pattens on me. I love people who look and smile at me. Now I am going to tell about an interesting story happened in my life.

                         I was made years ago in America.I was placed in a transparent glass box.I was then carried to an enormous ship and was placed in a dark container. I was not able to see anything, but

I had a feeling that I was travelling somewhere.

                                  After the long journey, I suddenly heard some noise and strong light shone on me. I was then taken to a truck. After a long time the truck finally took off. I was taken to a huge ground gift shop. They placed me on a glass shelf. The next day, the shop was opened to the public for viewing and buying.

                                    There were other key chains along with me. Within few minutes, people entered entered the shop. A lot of the      shoppers came to where I was placed and looked at me. However nobody bought me as I was expensive. The sun setted and the moon rise. The door of the shop closed. I was as sad as a loner.
                                     The next day, the minute the shop was open, a beautiful young girl came with an adult, holding hands. She saw me and came to where I was. I thought she will do what the others do. To my surprise, she stretched her hands and took me from the shelf. That feeling of the touch comforted me a lot She went straight to the cashier and gave him some dollar notes.
                                   later, she brought me home. I would have been the happiest person in the whole world. After a few minutes of traveling we reached the destiny. The girl zoomed into a room as if she was zooming the camera. She then quickly hung me in a corner of the room. That was the last day I saw her. The second she left the room she also shut the door and locked it. I was locked in the 'ROOM'!

                                 I am now a free bird. You must be thinking how I become free. This the last part of my story. Years went by. I was hoping someone or I will say anyone to come and open the door! I was very sad and only dust was settled on me. After long period of time finally, the door was opened. The bright light shown on me. Tears of joy was flowing down my cheeks.

                                I was still not seen by the by anyone. Then, an young lady entered the room she looked at the room as if that was the first time she had seen the room. Then, she came to me and looked at me. She immediately took me in her hands and wiped all the dirt away. She did not throw me because it is dirty or old already. She used me again and now I am a free bird. I would like to really thank you for reading about my life.   

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